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Nizhny Novgorod, lane Nezhinskiy, 2

"A smell of petroleum prevails throughout" - Bertrand Russell (British philosopher, mathematician, social activist).
Oilfield in the center of Nizhny Novgorod.
The rhythm of modern life takes away all energy, exhausts and  dictates its own rules. We will  help you gain strength for active work with pleasure. Special touches, aromatic oils, pleasant music — all that in different proportions is present in any kind of erotic massage. Being tired and defeated before the massage, you are going to be rested and strong, ready for new victories and accomplishments!
Salon of erotica and spa - Neft collected all the best that is known to the world about erotic massage and spa care. We are waiting for dear men in in our salon! Feel like a real sultan bathing in care and affection of our luxurious Girls. A great place to host stag parties at the center of Nizhny Novgorod.
We work every day 24 hours a day. Erotic massage – is a special kind of massage that promotes the development of sexual potential, enhances sensitivity and sexual function. This massage is good for everyone, regardless of marital status, age and sexual experience.

we advise you to try
“1 barrel of oil” 1 hour 1 barrel of oil
“Sheikh” 1 hour 3300 rub.
“Black gold" 1 hour 4400 rub.
“Oil rig” 1,5 hours 5500 rub.
“Oilman's Day” 2 hours 13000 rub.
“Daytime Caprice” 30 minutes 1500 rub.
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